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Things my mother has cited in the last month as to why I'm not really trans:

• I'm really a lesbian.
• I just want to be more like my MTF partner.
• My MTF partner really wants to be with a man, so I'm changing into one.
• I just want the attention.
• I hate her so much I don't want to be anything like her, not even a girl.
• I have untreated depression, since I was a teenager, and now it's manifesting.
• I'm fat, and therefore unhappy with my body.
• I want to be an outsider.
• I'm self destructive and transitioning is just fancy new way to "self harm."
• I didn't deal with the baggage from the assault, and am trying to change my body to forget it.
• I'm confused about what it means to be a woman.
• I want to have immoral anal sex with gay men.
• She was a bad parent who was too hard on me.
• She was a bad parent who was too easy on me.
• She was a great parent, but I was a terrible child who never listened, and this is my latest attempt to ruin her life.
• I hung out with too many trans people and now I think I'm one of them.
• I empathize too much, and I'm mistaking "caring about the queer community" with being queer.
• I think I'll get more sex if I'm a "freak."
• I haven't had kids yet, and therefore don't know about The Real Meaning of Life™
• I don't understand that wearing boy clothes doesn't make me a man.

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